STORYTELLING, light and laughter inspire me

Ashton J. Harrewyn is a cinematographer born in Johannesburg, South Africa and based in Brooklyn, NY.

With an upbringing in Vermont from a Belgian, pastry chef and a South African, interior designer - Ashton was exposed to craft, creation and technique from an early age.

As a teenager, Ashton’s dad introduced him to the epic, Spaghetti Western - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.  The film mesmerized Ashton - it was a stunning display of visual storytelling and a very provocative and influential experience.

Ashton is always looking to collaborate with others on compelling projects, especially stories that shed light on different perspectives and ways of thinking - stories that trigger the viewer and offer new meaning to the human experience.

Ashton’s work has taken him to Brazil, Jordan, Switzerland, South Africa and all over the United States. 

Clients include: New Balance, Reebok, Coca Cola, Regal Cinemas, Pepsi, Verizon, Samsung, Keurig, Converse, Ecko Unltd., CBC, The Boston Beer Company and The History Channel.